Monday, March 28, 2011

Elodie Continues to Fight Back- Come Shop and Help Us Fight Cancer

Here at Elodie we are currently helping to fund raise for the University of Minnesota's-Twin Cities Relay for Life.

For those of you who do not know what Relay for Life is....
At the event, different teams will camp out overnight and take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Saving lives from cancer starts with one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time. Each team is doing their part to make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone's life.

In support of ACS you can purchase a moon or star at Elodie for just one dollar and have your name displayed at the event. You can also make a donation @ RelayForLife. REMEMBER: The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Natural Life Gadgets-Get Inspired

Natural Life is a company filled with free-spirit treasures inspiring us to give, love and laugh.

What is their story??
The owner and creator of Natural Life (Patti) has started this unbelievable line filled with a variety of inspiring gadgets from home decor, to water bottles and even miniature sewing kits! Her inspiration for the new treasures of Natural Life came from her recent family trip to San Miguel, Mexico. After glancing through all their merchandise I felt rather uplifted and was blown away by their inctricate designs and creative ideas! I thought Patti put it quite well, "You'll see our treasures all have the free-spirit style and are irresistable because they are ordinary objects made to make life happier... or they're items that create the perfect gift for someone we love. Let your free-spirit shine... and don't forget, it's the little moments that make life big! " Here are some of the items from Natural Life that we currently have at Elodie.

If you are in need of a fun and original but thoughtful gift for someone special these items would be the PERFECT match! Afterall, who doesn't need a little reminder every once in a while to just relax and be happy?


Saturday, March 26, 2011

NEW LINE- Cecico Clothing

Cecico is a clothing line that Jenny just picked up to sell at Elodie. It has a Californian chicness to it- the pieces are flowing and have an ease to them that defines laid-back glamour. It was established in the summer of 2007 with one driving goal: to produce the finest and most forward thinking apparel for women on the market. I must say I am already a fan, Cecico mixed the perfect amount of simplicity and design to create an adorable clothing line that I will forsurely be wearing this spring! Although I should NOT be spending money... I could not resist buying these awesome Cecico pieces!! 

The price point is great and the fit is to die for.
Here is a fun tank from Cecico with a bit of a tribal vibe going on

We will be getting in a few new pieces from their line each week so make sure to stop in and say hello and check out the new line Cecico.


Friday, March 25, 2011

AG's "Tomboy" Denim

We JUST got the new AG Tomboy in, I am so excited! They are the perfect shade for all seasons so you can definitely wear them all year round. They have an adorable cuff at the bottom and their boyfriend fit makes them ultra comfy. If you do not already own a pair of boyfriend jeans by now it is time to invest in some because the trend is here to stay. They are wonderful to pair with oxford shirts and blazers. It is the perfect solution to looking fabulous and still being comfortable at the same time. 
Here is Sophia Bush rocking the AG Tomboy
Photo from AG

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brand New Purses Have Arrived

We just got in a variety of great purses at Elodie, stop in soon to find the right style for you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Excited for Spring Clothes

Hope you are all having just as wonderful of a spring break as I am! I have been spending the week in Treasure Island Florida laying on the beach, playing some tennis and of course doing a little shopping. Spending a week in the warm weather was obviously the perfect excuse to bust out all of my Elodie summer clothes from last year. My personal favorite line we carry at Elodie is Ya. After going through my camera I realized how many different Ya outfits I had worn all week; it is making me so excited to see what YA has in store for us this summer! I cannot wait to get back to work and see what's new at the store, keeping my fingers crossed for some adorable Ya apparel! Make sure you all stop in soon to start creating your summer wardrobe, it is just right around the corner.

In this photo I am wearing the black Ya romper from last year- I still love it
In this photo I am wearing my favorite printed Ya dress from last season

Not looking forward to coming back to the cold, hoping for some warm weather and sunshine when I return!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kenzie Joy Photographs and Interview

So about a month ago I had this wonderful 15 year old, Kenzie Joy, pop into the store to find herself an outfit for her second CD release cover. After spending some time with her and helping her pick out an outfit for the cover I discovered how talented and kind she truly was! You can check her out on YouTube and purchase tickets for her March 25th show @ Mabel Tainter Theater We also have a few of her CD's at Elodie if you would like to pick one up! Trust me, she's a total sweetheart and deserves recognition for her beautiful voice. Anyways the other day I got a chance to ask her a few questions about her up and coming career and I thought I would share it with you- here it is.

1) How and when did you start singing??
When I was 6 years old I was in a talent show, and I sang God Bless America, I won first place, a gold medal, and $20 to start off my career. Ive been a musician ever since!
 2) What is your favorite part about being a singer? 
Probably performing in front of audiences. Its such a rush! haha and being able to sing my own songs infront of total strangers.
3) Do you write all your own music?
I do write all of my own music. Well except for the cover songs I play at my shows, otherwise all originals.
 4) Who are your biggest supporters?
My parents by a long shot. They started me off with eveything, my first guitar, booking gigs, driving me everywhere or otherwise just all my fans who enjoy my music.
5) Where do you find the inspiration for your songs and style? 
Anything I do. It's all just life experiences. And a lot of different unknown coffee shop singers give me inspiration.
6) What are your future plans for your singing career? 
For people all around the world to have heard my music and put a smile on their face.
7) Do you have any other interests or hobbies?/ What do you do for fun??
- Ummm, I hang out with my friends at coffee shops a lot and school of course takes up a lot of my time so I guess you could say that's a hobby. Otherwise my life pretty much revolves around my music. 

Thanks for sharing with us Kenzie, I have enjoyed getting to know you!
Here are some gorgeous photographs of Kenzie dressed from head to toe in Elodie clothing. 

Here is my favorite song of hers Us and We - Her voice is so unique, I absolutely love it. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Put a Little Romance Into Your Wardrobe

Photo from Vogue

Hailee Steinfeld looked stunning at the Oscar's this year in a Marchesha dress. I am loving the nude tones with a tint of pink in the embroidery. This fashionista is foreshadowing what spring is going to be all about- romantic designs and feminineness. Make sure to fill your spring wardrobe with lots of neutrals, light pinks, lace, netting and classic fitting pieces, I promise this new trend will free you from the Minnesota winter in no time!