Friday, December 9, 2011

Private Party

Everyone knows the holidays are a bit stressful and crazy, so why not relax a bit and come enjoy a private party at Elodie?!? It is the perfect opportunity to make time to get together with your best girlfriends over the holidays, buy yourself a stylish new outfit, and maybe some Christmas gifts too! How do private parties at Elodie work? WELL.. 

  •  First choose a night to have Elodie Boutique all to yourself and a group of 5+ friends.
  •  Everyone involved in your party receives a 20% discount for the night.
  • The party hostess receives a $50 Elodie gift card on top of the 20% off! (AKA be the party hostess!!)
  • We serve an assortment of refreshments and wine.. if you are of age.
  •  We will have at least 2 sales associates here serving as your personal shopper in hopes of finding you a few great outfits. 

IT'S EASY-Simply set a date, show up, socialize and shop with a discount! 
*If you are interested give the store a call or talk to any of the Elodie girls and we will find a date that works for you!

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