Friday, December 9, 2011

Private Party

Everyone knows the holidays are a bit stressful and crazy, so why not relax a bit and come enjoy a private party at Elodie?!? It is the perfect opportunity to make time to get together with your best girlfriends over the holidays, buy yourself a stylish new outfit, and maybe some Christmas gifts too! How do private parties at Elodie work? WELL.. 

  •  First choose a night to have Elodie Boutique all to yourself and a group of 5+ friends.
  •  Everyone involved in your party receives a 20% discount for the night.
  • The party hostess receives a $50 Elodie gift card on top of the 20% off! (AKA be the party hostess!!)
  • We serve an assortment of refreshments and wine.. if you are of age.
  •  We will have at least 2 sales associates here serving as your personal shopper in hopes of finding you a few great outfits. 

IT'S EASY-Simply set a date, show up, socialize and shop with a discount! 
*If you are interested give the store a call or talk to any of the Elodie girls and we will find a date that works for you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

For those of you who have not stopped in Elodie in a while now is the time to do so! Elodie is full on decked out in Christmas spirit and I am loving the cozy and homey atmosphere it has created. Here are a few pictures I took of the store tonight! Hope to see all you ladies soon for some holiday shopping! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I thought I would post a few pictures of my favorite things in Elodie right now to give you some fashion inspiration for the week! 

1)  An awesome camel colored woven coat with a textured wrap scarf. Super cozy and warm. 

2)  Striped knit sweater. I love the color contrast of this orange top and the dark teal pants, it's a little bit nerdy but I like it.

3) Two-toned sweater. This is such an awesome knit and the perfect sweater to do some color blocking with. I paired it with the tannery AG skinnies! It is so simple but also so freaking cute.

 4)  And.. my absolute favorite: the kimono inspired cardi. It is so dainty and girly, I am in love. 

Such a great drape!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

AG Colored Denim JUST Arrived

I know some of you lovely ladies have been waiting very patiently for us to get in some colored jeans at the store. Good news- we FINALLY just got our colored AG denim in! I have been so excited to try them on and of course the first thing I did at work today was toss a pair on. You have my word right now... you will not be let down. They are so comfortable and the fabric is insanely soft. We got in three different shades: tannery (my personal favorite), dark teal and black for those of you not quite ready to make the jump. They are the AG Stilt, one of their most popular skinnies. I think they look so adorable tucked into boots and worn with an oversize chunky knitted sweater.... let's be honest -the perfect outfit for the cold weather in MN. Come on in and see us Elodie girls and we will help you find a pair just right for you, as well as cute tops to go with it so you can feel extra confident when rocking those colored denim. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

That Extra Half An Inch

We just got in Victoria Beckham's book That Extra Half An Inch at Elodie. Naturally I have spent most of my night glancing through it and drooling over all the pictures. I cannot wait to read the entire thing and share with you all her tips and secrets! In the first page of her book she describes who she wrote it for and I thought she did a wonderful job proving how clothes can be so much more than just something you wear to keep warm....

"It's for girls who love fashion. Who love that magical transformation of material on a hanger into something that makes you want to twirl in front of a mirror, that gives you the confidence to think, You know what? I look great! Fashion is how we express our personalities. Our way of saying, 'This is who I am,' sometimes even, 'This is who I would like to be.' Most of all, fashion is about having fun and using your imagination."

Such a lovely gal.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trend Alert: The High-Low Hem

My absolute most favorite trend out there right now are the dresses with the high-low hem. I am actually obsessed. I like the shirts and skirts that use this hem too, but I am a sucker for dresses. Anyways, this past weekend we went to market and picked up some gorgeous dresses with a high-low hem. I am so excited for you guys to see them once they arrive at Elodie. I think the structure is so feminine and just down right pretty. One of my favorite bloggers always has the most amazing outfits, but I think she looks so lovely in this high-low hem dress, don't you? I hope all you fashion-forward ladies are looking forward to trying out this new structure of dressing because once spring hits it will be everywhere!

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Melie Bianco Bag

I don't know about you, but I have been getting a little bit bored of the same old over-sized hobo bags that have seemed to rule the world the past few years. Designers have started to gear towards different structures and colors and I am super excited about it. At Elodie we just got in the Melie Bianco Madison Lock and Key Bag and I cannot stop thinking about purchasing it. I love that it is a smaller size; it makes finding things in my purse so much easier. And, how cute is that lock? I will admit I probably have one too many purses, but none in this amazing crisp burgundy color. Stop in soon to check out the rest of the Melie Bianco bags we picked up for fall! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Although I would obviously prefer to be wearing five inch leopard print platform heels everyday of my life..sadly it is just not that practical with our Minnesota winter. SO what is the next best thing (and smartest)? Boots. There are so many different styles of boots made now a days that there has to be a style out there that you love. We got in three different styles at Elodie recently. My favorite are the chocolate brown equestrian boots. They even have fur in the inside; perfect for keeping cozy once the snow hits! Check them out and let me know which one are your favorite!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Leather Attack

Elodie just got in the most adorable leather pieces, I am obsessed. My favorite thing to pair leather jackets with is chic chiffon tops like the one pictured below- something about that extreme contrast makes me happy. But I also love throwing on a "bad girl" looking leather vest over a dainty sundress. For a perfectly fabulous outfit for fall just toss on some rugged tights and combat boots with this polka dot dress and vest! Plus side? Investing in a leather jacket is well worth your money, it is a class piece that is going to be around for a while and it is such an easy way to add some edge to your outfit. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

HUGE Fall Sale

Hey guys, don't forget to stop into Elodie this weekend to shop our back to school sale! The ENTIRE store is on sale and there are some adorable new things for fall. These are my favorite pieces that we have in the store right now!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Hudson Jeans

We just got in a new style of Hudson's - The Marisa Trouser. They are super dark, simple and have a decent flare to them. They are the perfect going out jean, or for a day at the office because of their simplicity and wash. They do have a different back pocket than the typical flap pocket Hudson is known for, but I am still a fan!

" I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity- all I hope for in my clothes." ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chris Benz

I snagged this photo from my friend, Elizabeth Hanson, who is currently interning in NYC for Lancome. She also used to work for Elodie before she jetted off for college, but as you can see she is definitely still one of our favorite customers. She looks fabulous in the M M Couture Dress by Miss Me for the event that Lancome put on at Saks. In the photograph with her is CHRIS BENZ, a very lovely American designer. 

Oh and don't worry...we still have a couple of these dresses left at the store right now!

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Clothes From Free People, Mystree, M. Rena & More

We got in quite a few new pieces over the last couple of weeks, here they are!
 Blue Bird Printed Dress
 M. Rena Tube Dress
 Mystree Tier Dress
 Blue Bird Tank
 Free People Long Sleeve Sweater
 M. Rena Babydoll Dress
 Flying Tomato Cami Dress
 Free People Sweater
 Mystree Lace Tank
 Blue Bird Detailed Cardigan
 Free People Knit Sweater
 Blue Bird Lace Blazer
 Free People Cardigan
Flying Tomato Kimono Dress