Monday, October 24, 2011

That Extra Half An Inch

We just got in Victoria Beckham's book That Extra Half An Inch at Elodie. Naturally I have spent most of my night glancing through it and drooling over all the pictures. I cannot wait to read the entire thing and share with you all her tips and secrets! In the first page of her book she describes who she wrote it for and I thought she did a wonderful job proving how clothes can be so much more than just something you wear to keep warm....

"It's for girls who love fashion. Who love that magical transformation of material on a hanger into something that makes you want to twirl in front of a mirror, that gives you the confidence to think, You know what? I look great! Fashion is how we express our personalities. Our way of saying, 'This is who I am,' sometimes even, 'This is who I would like to be.' Most of all, fashion is about having fun and using your imagination."

Such a lovely gal.  

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