Monday, May 30, 2011

A Free People Summer

Stop into Elodie to try on the FP cardigan and diamond tee, along with the AG boyfriend shorts...gotta start building up your summer wardrobe!

A Free People Summer

A Free People Summer by hanc0105 featuring a white cardigan

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

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This summer it is all about maxi dresses. They are super comfy and very versatile. You can belt them, throw a jean vest over the dress, or even a sweater. Wedges look great with most maxi dresses, but a simple pair of sandals also works! Here are some of the maxi dresses we have in at Elodie right now... And don't forget to add a little color with a fun purse or accessory.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Take An Extra 20% Off Clearance Items!

In light of Memorial Day we are letting all of our customers take an extra 20% off ALL of our clearance merchandise this weekend only. Yes, this includes clearance jeans, jewelry, belts, purses and obviously clearance clothes!

So before you head off to a cabin for the weekend make sure you stop into Elodie to see if you can find yourself something new at a great price!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inherited Leather

Inherited Leather are one-of-a-kind belts and handbags designed by Louisville Kentucky artist Sue Schofield. These goods are made entirely from salvaged leather garments and upholstery. This natural resource is impossible to sustain without re-purposing- as it is an otherwise non-recyclable "textile". The innate, asymmetrical aesthetic of this artwork is a direct result of utilizing a material that was once a living thing. 
Here are a few of her products that we have at Elodie..

My favorite is the dark brown handbag with the octopus hardware design, it is just so different... which one do you guys like best??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Audrey 3+1 (A Mix Of Modern And Vintage)

Elodie is trying out a few new lines this summer.. one of them being Audrey 3+1. The pieces are very reasonably priced, fun, colorful and designed with unique structures. Here is how Audrey 3+1 described themselves:

"Inspired by a colorful array of lifestyles, Audrey 3+1 explores the possibilities of customizing your favorite designs to create your own unique look, bringing everything you love into one place. Who said modern and vintage couldn't mix? And hipsters couldn't look sexy? We believe that no two attitudes are the same, so your styles shouldn't have to be either. Whether you are sophisticated chic today or urban bohemian tomorrow, let Audrey 3+1 lead you to discover your own individual style."  (taken from their Facebook page)

Here are some of their dresses we have at the store right now

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Display

Check out our new window displays for the summer!! Jenny, the owner of Elodie, is always so creative and fun with how she decorates and redesigns the store; I am always excited to come into work and see what she has done with the layout. But I really love the hanging flower display that she just put up, it is so unique and gives me a little hope that summer may eventually come!

But seriously, how fun is this!? ( I am tempted to try something like this out in my apartment!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Playing A Little Dress Up

One of our customers, Jackie, was shopping in Elodie early this morning and agreed to let me take some pictures of the clothes she was trying on. We went a little picture crazy... to say the least.
A Cotton Candy printed dress and an Opera lace belt
The Ya romper
A Free People maxi skirt and a Free People crocheted sweater
My most favorite Free People crocheted top, the back is absolute perfection- so cute.
A baggy tee from Lani
I love love love the Kentucky Derby style she has going on here. She is wearing a safari dress from Tulle and a floppy hat from DeLux.
She is rocking the Citizen flare jeans and a floral Ariella top
The nautical Hazel blazer and a romantic Hazel skirt
The AG boyfriend jean shorts
Esley pencil skirt, Mystree tank and an Imoshion vintage purse

She ended up going with the Ya romper and the Cotton Candy printed dress, must have been in the mood for navy! Thanks again Jackie for letting us snap some photos of you!! You are quite the model in the making : )