Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Audrey 3+1 (A Mix Of Modern And Vintage)

Elodie is trying out a few new lines this summer.. one of them being Audrey 3+1. The pieces are very reasonably priced, fun, colorful and designed with unique structures. Here is how Audrey 3+1 described themselves:

"Inspired by a colorful array of lifestyles, Audrey 3+1 explores the possibilities of customizing your favorite designs to create your own unique look, bringing everything you love into one place. Who said modern and vintage couldn't mix? And hipsters couldn't look sexy? We believe that no two attitudes are the same, so your styles shouldn't have to be either. Whether you are sophisticated chic today or urban bohemian tomorrow, let Audrey 3+1 lead you to discover your own individual style."  (taken from their Facebook page)

Here are some of their dresses we have at the store right now

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