Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Playing A Little Dress Up

One of our customers, Jackie, was shopping in Elodie early this morning and agreed to let me take some pictures of the clothes she was trying on. We went a little picture crazy... to say the least.
A Cotton Candy printed dress and an Opera lace belt
The Ya romper
A Free People maxi skirt and a Free People crocheted sweater
My most favorite Free People crocheted top, the back is absolute perfection- so cute.
A baggy tee from Lani
I love love love the Kentucky Derby style she has going on here. She is wearing a safari dress from Tulle and a floppy hat from DeLux.
She is rocking the Citizen flare jeans and a floral Ariella top
The nautical Hazel blazer and a romantic Hazel skirt
The AG boyfriend jean shorts
Esley pencil skirt, Mystree tank and an Imoshion vintage purse

She ended up going with the Ya romper and the Cotton Candy printed dress, must have been in the mood for navy! Thanks again Jackie for letting us snap some photos of you!! You are quite the model in the making : )

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