Friday, November 11, 2011

AG Colored Denim JUST Arrived

I know some of you lovely ladies have been waiting very patiently for us to get in some colored jeans at the store. Good news- we FINALLY just got our colored AG denim in! I have been so excited to try them on and of course the first thing I did at work today was toss a pair on. You have my word right now... you will not be let down. They are so comfortable and the fabric is insanely soft. We got in three different shades: tannery (my personal favorite), dark teal and black for those of you not quite ready to make the jump. They are the AG Stilt, one of their most popular skinnies. I think they look so adorable tucked into boots and worn with an oversize chunky knitted sweater.... let's be honest -the perfect outfit for the cold weather in MN. Come on in and see us Elodie girls and we will help you find a pair just right for you, as well as cute tops to go with it so you can feel extra confident when rocking those colored denim. 

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