Friday, April 1, 2011

Stretching That Hemline

"I have spent a good many seasons watching fashion trends come and go, style myths created and dismantled, hemlines rise and fall. The one solid piece of advice I have to offer is: don't take it all too seriously." ~Nina Garcia

With that being said, why not go out of your comfort zone and try something new this spring?? Slowly but surely we have been seeing the longer hemline creep back into style. It is defining romance all over again and allowing women to get in touch with their inner femininity. Right now we have an adorable Free People maxi skirt in at Elodie, although it has a feminine structure, the print has a little bit of a boho-chic feel to it. These skirts are easy to keep casual and just pair with a baggy t-shirt or tank or you can dress them up with a pair of wedges and a fitted jacket. So I am encouraging all you fashionistas to be bold this season and get yourself a great maxi skirt for spring, after all, fashion truly is about taking chances and having fun!

Here is one of my favorite trend setters sporting a floral printed maxi skirt, looking stylish as ever.

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