Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Style Icon Knows...

Here is a list of Nina Garcia's 10 definite style basics
  • How To Edit- She only buys what she likes and what looks good on her.
  • To Invest In "The Bones"- (the classic trench, the little black dress..) and builds from there.
  • To Buy With Drama- She goes for that over-the-top, decadent item. If she falls in love, she takes it home.
  • The Utmost Importance Of Shoes- Lots of shoes.
  • And The Power Of Accessories- Done just the right way.
  • A Good Tailor
  • How Not To Be The Fashion Victim- She never buys into the trends and she never carries the "it" bag.
  • It Is Not About The Money- She wears her flea market Mexican earrings the same way she would wear her diamonds.
  • How To Mix It Up
  • How to Be Imperfect- She understands that every day is not a photo shoot. 
Courtesy of Nina's Book of Style

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