Friday, June 10, 2011

Adding Some Funk To Your Feet- JC Shoes

Today I started reading "THE ELLEMENTS OF PERSONAL STYLE," it is a book filled with 25 modern fashion icons advice on how to dress, shop and live (the book is sorta kinda REALLY good). Anyways, while reading Becki Newton's section I came across one of her thoughts on fashion.... "Every girl needs a shoe that goes with nothing and therefore goes with everything." Reading this reminded me of how badly I NEED a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. All of his shoes have the most unique designs to them and are super funky. Some of them are so crazy that they literally do not go with anything and I guess that means that they actually can go with anything?? Here are some of his shoes on my wish list!

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If I was a lucky owner of one of these shoes I would probably pair them with the new Tulle dress that we got in at Elodie this week. It is simple and has an elegant cut, but the small details to it make it more fun than just the typical LBD.

...And to finish off the look I would throw on a simple, vintage-inspired necklace.
Oh, and this dress is only $55 dollarss!

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