Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Tips For Organizing Your Closet

What is a perfect task to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?? Maybe FINALLY clean out and organize your closet... the one thing you have been meaning to do for quite some time now. Here are some tips from "Style A to Zoe" to get you started!

  • Use the sectional boxes used to organize screws and nails from hardware stores to store all your jewelry. You can line them first with fun patterned fabric swatches to protect your more delicate pieces and also add some funk to the container. The clear tops allow for quick surveying, the hard plastic keeps everything protected and all the boxes will stack nicely. They are also portable and super cheap!
  • Shoes look and work well if lined up by color, then suborganized by heel type. If you have room in your closet try using a bookshelf to organize your shoes, it displays them quite nicely.
  • Hang your clothes according to category first, then color. Try to use the same color hangers throughout your closet, it makes for a neater appearance.
  • Don't know how to let clothes go?? (Believe me, I definitely do not) Ask yourself these five questions....
  1. Why am I holding on to it?
  2. Is it worth anything?
  3. What kind of shape is it in, and is it beyond repair?
  4. Can I replace it?
  5. Do I want to replace it with an updated version?

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