Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rock Prints Like Margherita Missoni

We have in quite a few printed tops and dresses at Elodie right now and sometimes they can be tough to work with. So I decided to post a Q and A interview with Margherita Missoni about dressing in prints from Nina Garcia's Black Book of Style (of course). 
Q: What is your secret to dressing in prints?
A: As with anything, you just have to feel comfortable in them. If you don't, don't even try. If you are uncomfortable in bold colors or anything drastic, it's not going to look good. 
Q: Can you mix prints?
A: Yes, definitely. It depends what you are going for. If you are going for a hippy seventies look, you are going to mix prints. If you go for gypsy or boho, you mix. I don't see prints as constricting. I see prints as pieces that you can mix just as you mix different shapes and volumes.
Q: Can you wear prints to a wedding?
A: Yes, I often do. I think you wouldn't wear anything too bold or too bright, just as you wouldn't wear anything white. You never upstage the bride. Don't go for something that is too much. Lighter-color prints are good. 

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